Important Guidelines for PCB Assembly

In designing a printed circuit board, the most important thing to consider is the functionality. This is important not only to serve functions but increase the performance in the long run. Here are some guidelines and important tips to consider in PCB assembly.

As a crucial process during the assembly, the design stage must be carefully considered. A large chunk of manufacturing costs can go to this process so it’s necessary that engineers must be able to decide on their preferred method in order to achieve both efficiency and productivity. It is necessary too that engineers know the total costs on the project design for adjustments when necessary.

PCB AssemblyIt’s important to identify the common PCB assembly designs. In general, choosing an incorrect footprint is one of the most common mistakes because this can lead to smaller or larger specifications than what manufacturers require. Once neglected, this can result in more issues such as rework, delays in project completion and even performance issues.

A decrease in a manufacturer’s recommended spacing on the electrode can ensure a strong and stable connection. It’s recommended as well to design the boards to ensure that half of the leads are on the pads. Specifications used to control the quality of PCB are component placement, soldering including inspection.

Solder reduction can also pose as a common issue. One way to reduce this is to apply a reduction on the paste volume. This ensures a good connection on the solder. The recommended volume to use is at 20-50%. Adjustments on the window pane stencil pattern and the gutter size. Gutters can sometimes get blocked with the solder and can therefore cause some issues in the channel flow.

The assembly process includes some preparation on the board’s surface along with its components before these are used in the production. Although these processes are done using an automated system and machine, this can also be done at home with some modifications applied.

A PCB assembly also follows some spacing guidelines. For placement in a component to component scenario, a maximum spacing of 10 mils for smaller sized packages is important. This is already enough to accommodate any slippage that may occur during the solder process as there is a tendency for parts to drift when the solder paste is pressed.

For edge of board component placement, it’s necessary to place the components at around 125 mils from the edge of the board. As part of cost control, many parts are placed as near as possible to each other. As a result, this places too many components near the edge which can cause some issues.

Common mistakes happen as well when working with diodes and LED designation. Most of the designs submitted have missing cathode markers. During evaluation, lack of these components may place the project on hold and delay the production process.

Diodes and LED designation must have cathodes designated among them using a bar with a silk screen. This must still be visible even after it has been soldered. If you choose to have the polarity mark anode instead of using the cathode, this must be specified but in general, the bar should designate the negative rather than the positive. It’s important to place the numbers and components in pad on the way that these have been numbered by manufacturers.

Proper use of capacitors and polarity can reduce project delays. It’s important to designate the polarity on the capacitors depending on whether this is an SMT polarized capacitor or a Through-hole polarized one. SMT capacitors need to have their positive pads designated with a bar in the silk screen while through hole capacitors should have the positive sign silk screen that should be placed next to the positive pin of the pad when doing a PCB assembly.

How to Maintain The Trading Coin’s Numismatic Value

There are some cases when a person will do something to help him get away from the stress his or her work gives. Picking up and having a hobby is one of the best ways to relieve yourself from stress. Some people start collecting items like coins, stamps or key chains as their hobby. However, for some people who like travelling and playing or watching sports, they start collecting different kinds of custom coins.

When you start to buy, collect, sell, and trade custom coins, you will also meet different collectors and enthusiasts. Some collectors follow a certain theme in collecting custom coins like the ones being sold and can also be acquired in different amusement parks, like Disneyland or Universal Studios. Different sports events, like the World Cup or the World Olympus, which are made every year, also have special coins where the name and the logo of the event is embossed directly into the coin as well as the different teams participating in the event.

Custom coinsTrading coins is another way that a collector or enthusiast can do in order to acquire different coins for his collection. When trading with a fellow coin collector or coin enthusiast, the agreement between both parties must be met first before the coin trading can take place. If the traders live far away from each other, then, they can exchange messages using emails or message boards (also known as forums).

As it is with any other hobby connected with trading, limited edition custom coins are the most anticipated ones. These kinds of coins are the ones made with limited numbers only and are usually available on a limited time as well. Other kinds of rare coins are those especially made for major event sponsors and are not made again afterwards.

Custom coins, just like any other thing collected and being given importance, should always be kept in their pristine conditions in order to preserve their value. In contrast to what other thinks, cleaning these coins should be left to the hands of the professionals. Cleaning a coin by yourself may ruin the coin’s numismatic and trading value. However, at times that you cannot stop yourself from cleaning your coins, here are some things to keep in mind in order to minimize any damage that you might do to your coins:

1.    Soak the coins in a solution made of warm water and mild soap (It can be hand soap or dishwashing soap with no harsh chemicals.) to safely remove any debris, dirt, mud or any other substances sticking to the coin’s surface. You may also opt to use any olive oil variant as soaking solution. Olive oil is mild enough for any coins but tough in removing any stain in the coin. Also, avoid using any silver polisher, tarnish remover or jewellery cleaner in cleaning your coins. These solutions have harsh and strong chemical content which will further damage your coins.

2.    Do not use any brush (whether it is soft-bristled or hard-bristled) or cloth in cleaning your coins. These may scratch the surface of the coins. In cleaning your coin, use your hands. Gently scrub the coin’s surface using your fingers until all the dirt sticking onto the coin’s surface is removed.

3.    After soaking and removing the dirt, mud or any substances on the coin’s surface, rinse it under cold, running water. Always remember that the stronger the water’s current is, the better it is in rinsing the coins. Once you are done and it is the final rinsing, use cold, distilled water.

4.    Do not blow dry your coins. Line them under a soft cloth or kitchen paper towel to allow them to dry after washing.

Finding and Buying the Perfect Golf Bag

Your trusted golf bag has been with you for years, witnessing your first game, hearing you gloat about that hole in one, and seeing you snag that client by winning or losing the game. But, the wear and tear in your golf bag is telling you that it is finally time to replace your trustworthy partner with a new one.

Golf bags are a golfer’s ultimate best friend (aside from the golf clubs, of course) and finding the perfect one is not only important, but it can be very hard as well. They will be with you for several years, so make sure that you pick the right one.

Golfers know that when choosing the perfect bag, it is important to consider two things: price and quality.

golf bagsMost professionals have sponsors that can give them all of the equipment they want and need, but for everyone else, we have to submit to a higher power: a budget. Just how much money you can spend on golf bags is entirely up to you, but you should also consider your level of gameplay. Beginners should mostly go for bags that are on the lower end, while hobbyists can opt for a more high-end brand. At the end of the day, your budget should be dictated by your purchasing power, within reason. Just because golf is an expensive sport, doesn’t mean you have to burn your wallet even more.

Affordable golf bags don’t necessarily mean that you’ll save more, though. Most bags nowadays are made with synthetic fabric which helps keep them light, but the craftsmanship of the bag is usually what makes the difference.

Utility is another thing to consider when deciding if a golf bag will suit your needs; you want to be sure that your bag will be able to hold all the equipment you need and more. Make sure that the number and type of compartments is to your liking as well.

A golf bag, in context, can be affordable, but it is by no means cheap in the normal sense of the word. This makes every dollar you spend on it that much more valuable. Sacrificing a few extra dollars to make sure that you won’t ever need to buy a new one again might be worth it. You’ll save yourself the trouble of regretting that time you skimped on a golf bag, when you’re on your way to buy a new one again.

Most people think that the ultimate tradeoff for price is quality, but that should not always be the case. Look for a brand that is trusted by a lot of people. The internet is a goldmine for reviews which will help you learn a lot about the golf bag you are considering. Most reviews include the pros and cons of the product, and some sites even compare golf bags.

With the advent of e-Commerce, and the rise of online shops like eBay and Amazon, buying from the internet can be tempting, but for things that require comfort and frequent use, it might still be best to buy it in person. There are some considerations to be looked at that can only be done in person. Some golf bags might be too heavy for you, or too wide, or too large. Make sure to buy something that will not add to the discomfort of lugging around several golf clubs.

A question worth asking about comfort is this: will you carry your bag, use a pull cart, or take a riding cart. Your answer to this question can greatly affect your golf bag of choice. Obviously, if you answer number one, you would have to choose mobility over utility.

Finding the perfect bag can be hard, but it can be equally rewarding. While your choice of bag will not win you games, picking the right one will help you have a golfing experience that you will enjoy.

I have stand bags, cart bags, golf bags and travel bags but that's not what you'll find in this part of The Cave.

What Do Companies Gain by Giving Importance to Employee Retention?

Here is a good question to companies and business owners – how far have you gone to keep your roster of competent personnel? Although many would say that they have strived to provide competitive compensation that is coupled with attractive benefits and desirable working environment, you will be surprised that recent surveys have shown that a majority of companies still fail in this area. It is either they sit on the confidence that with the current unemployment rate, it would be easy for them to replace employees who leave the company, or most probably, they have not yet realized the importance of employee retention.

The high unemployment rate should not be a reason for a company to sit back and relax while their employees continue to leave in search of better employers because every employee lost has a negative impact on the company, internally and even in the eyes of their clients. To understand this better, here are reasons why employee retention is very important.

Employees are Investments

employee retentionWhen you hire an employee, you usually train that person not just on his specific functions but also in other areas of the organization where that person may eventually be promoted. You send him to seminars, conferences, and trainings to advance his knowledge, which in turn can be used for the company’s success. If that person becomes dissatisfied with the work environment or compensation and decides to leave, you will be bidding farewell to everything you have invested in him. Once you find a replacement, you will be obliged to start from square one, grooming another talent that will be useful in your company and that is investing time and money for that again. To protect that investment, you need to ensure that you are also giving your employee a reason to stay in your company, willingly.

Avoid Empowering Your Competitors

When your finely trained employees leave, where do you think would they go? There is a high chance that they will go to your competitors and those competing companies will thank you tremendously for providing them with professionals who are armed with knowledge and experience, which can be used to topple your business.

Smooth Business Performance and Sustained Productivity

A company’s productivity is highly affected while you are a stage of training new staff. The normal amount of output that you get with the help of skilled employers will be halted as the new personnel tries to get familiarized with his post. This can translate to several weeks of poor productivity and disruption, which in turn can affect your sales. Take this scenario as a good example. Employees who have been working for you in years know exactly what to do first thing in the morning and the techniques that will allow them to accomplish task faster. Furthermore, they know who to call in case of problems and are well experienced at handling the demands of your varying clients. New employees cannot match up that efficiency and so you can expect errors made along the way, like delayed transactions that can eventually disappoint your customers.

Freedom from Complex Hiring Process

Hiring new staff is not an easy task. Your HR department may be composed of proficient people, but filtering applicants in order to find the right person takes time and that still does not guarantee a hundred percent success. Besides, if you have a high attrition rate, the word often goes out within your industry and competent individuals may be discouraged to apply for your open posts. This just adds to the challenge of finding ideal candidates for the position that was vacated.

Aside from these internal problems that you may experience by not giving importance to employee retention, there is also the possibility that customers and business partners may perceive you as a bad employer if you have a high employee turnover. You certainly would not want that to happen if you value the success of your business. Hence, now may be the time to focus on employee retention and learn various strategies to accomplish that.

Stevenote: A Notable Legacy

It takes a combination of the right skills, charm, and the power to effect to become successful and well-loved keynote speakers. Depending on the objective of one’s speech, either to educate, inspire, or motivate personal growth, the success of any talk hinges upon getting one’s message across to the audience.

As one of the most successful entrepreneurs and inventors of all time, Steve Jobs, has shaped the modern technology and emerging digital landscape of the world. Known for being the former Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc., he had set the bar of personal computers, smart phones, and other electronic gadgets on a very high level. Steve Jobs is one of the best keynote speakers of this generation, the term “Stevenote” was even coined referring to keynote speeches conducted by him. The talks are a platform where he introduces the company’s latest products and services and spectators usually get excited and eager for the eventual launch of these creations. One of the distinct characteristics of his Stevenote was how he would pretend to say his final words and looked like he was finished with his presentation when he suddenly says “One more thing…” making his final and memorable statement of the talk.

keynote speakersBack when purchasing the album of one’s favourite artist, packaged in CDs, was the main method on how one could listen to songs; Steve Jobs introduced the iPod creating a musical revolution. The device could store around 1,000 songs, designed for mobility and simplicity, and made use of a cable that consumers can use to swiftly transfer songs into the gadget. Tied with the use of the iTunes application, people were able to buy songs and manage their music library all in one device based on their own preference. Not only can one purchase an artist’s whole album, the option to select only a number of songs they prefer from the album is also allowed. People got on board with the iPod as it meant being able to listen to different songs from different artists in a gadget that fits inside one’s pocket. By emphasizing the convenience and more entertaining way of doing a simple thing such as listening to music, he was able to encourage people to buy and use the device.

Another memorable keynote speech he gave took place in 2010 when he unveiled the iPad as one of the company’s newest products. The device was viewed as a bigger version of the iPhone and although there were doubts and criticisms about the gadget, sales for the iPad were rampant when it was released in the first few months. He made a point saying that the tablet serves as a product that bridged the gap between computers and smart phones. Users could open and browse a website on the go on a screen big enough to have a great online experience. The touch screen feature of the gadget helped a lot too as he stressed the fun and convenience in being able to navigate the applications and the browser window through your own fingertips enticed consumers to buy the tablet. By showing the benefits, value, and an easier way of browsing the web, he was able to convince people that owning this gadget would be a worthwhile and exciting experience that one ought to try.

Although Steve Jobs was an influential inventor and marketer, along with other notable keynote speakers, the main ideas and concept of his presentations make sense and do not attempt to simply persuade people into buying something. Keynote speakers can present facts, tell stories of temporary setbacks and accomplishments, and apply humour and anecdotes to their speech to make their presentations better; what’s important is the audience listens and understands the main point or idea one is trying to express.

One more thing…always remember to connect and relate to one’s audience.

Badge Lanyards as Fashion Accessories

Badge lanyards are the The Lanyard Authority used to simply hold ID badges as well as other objects. They provide another means of identification without looking at the ID cards that are attached to them. After all, grabbing an ID is considered disrespectful.

Badge LanyardsAs with rubber or silicone wristbands, cloth badges, and lapel pins, badge lanyards are readily available at affordable prices due to their mass production potential, lots of customization options, and the affordability of their source materials. Therefore, they can also serve as affordable alternatives to jeweled and/or metallic necklaces. One can readily wear an emblem that best symbolizes his or her identity around his or her neck without spending too much. The options for the actual dangling emblem are endless – from metallic fangs to crystal snowflakes.

If the wearer is bored of the plain, ordinary look of most lanyards out there, he or she can spice it up. A popular accessorizing option for lanyards is beads. Like lanyards, beads can be easily acquired and come in many forms – even Swarovski crystal beads are readily available. However, the quality of the beads must be taken into consideration as the lanyards are worn everyday and are exposed to different temperatures and weather conditions, especially during field work. The combined weight of the beads must also be taken into consideration, as large beads will make the lanyard uncomfortable to wear. Only use one large focal bead as an accompaniment to the ID badge.

Of course, a lanyard would not be complete without the attachments that secure the dangling object such as an ID badge or something else. These attachments include lanyard swivel hooks, badge or bulldog clips, cell phone straps, retractable reels, and split rings. Many of these attachments have mechanisms that maintain the forward facing of the ID badge or anything else that dangles from the lanyard. There are also no-twist lanyards that do not form a twist at the dangling end and instead have their opposite ends attached to two different holes of the ID badge. This way, the forward facing of the ID badge is ensured without the need for attachments.

There are also breakaway lanyards. These lanyards are so-called due to the presence of at least one breakaway attachment. They are suitable to wear in places where safety is a priority such as manufacturing plants and construction sites, as ordinary lanyards can accidentally choke their wearers if they are pulled by something. They can also be worn everywhere else to emphasize the merits of safety. Schoolchildren can also wear breakaway lanyards to prevent bullies from easily choking them with their own lanyards.

There are also adjustable lanyards. They basically carry over the principle of adjustable straps in swing bags as well as handbags. One noted advantage of adjustable lanyards is their one-size-fits-all characteristic, which can be useful for wearers with different heights as well as people of all ages who gather in one place. However, wearers of adjustable lanyards must be more careful of choking risks. A mugger can easily sneak up on a wearer of an adjustable lanyard and then intentionally choke him or her, leaving the mugger with a clear window of opportunity to rob him or her. Adjustable lanyards are also not advisable to wear in places or occasions where many people gather such as concerts and jam-packed conventions.

If the wearer is tired of cloth-based badge lanyards, he or she can settle for novelty badge lanyards made entirely of beads as well as lei lanyards. The procedure for making a bead lanyard is basically the same as making a beaded necklace – only that the thread to be used must be more durable. Lei lanyards are prepared the same way, only that simulated flowers are used instead of beads.

General SEO Information You Should Keep In Mind When Building A Website

Publishing a website has become one of the easiest things to do in tech today. There was a time when you needed to master HTML in order to build a page. Then things started to shift, and now you could easily put up a site within a matter of pages. In fact, you could sign up for a free or low cost hosting element and end up publishing a page that looks and feels professional. Whether you use a template or you end up going custom, setting up a page hasn’t been easier than it is now. With the ease of publishing, you would think that you would be able to get a lot of traffic and attention, but that’s not simple at all. In fact, you’re going to find that if you want to get attention, you are going to have to either hire a professional SEO firm or you’re going to have to learn how to program a lot of elements into and out of your site. If you aren’t working with the various elements of marketing today, you are going to end up losing out overall.

SEONo matter what you decide in regards to making moves online, you’ll want to understand some general SEO information that will help you build on the right pieces to gain market share in any major niche. The following are elements that you shouldn’t really forget, because it’s easy to get caught up in the wrong arenas. The following general information should be remembered as you traverse different areas online.

SEO Is Not A Magic Bullet

Some people assume that the answer to all of their marketing problems is that of search engine optimization. You will find that you could build a lot of pages online and see yourself gain market share slowly, and still not get anywhere at all. In fact, you could work on a lot of details, and even hire one of the best firms in the world, and when the dust settles, see nothing in terms of traffic. The key to understanding marketing online is simple, it takes a lot of time. The more patient you are, and the more methodical you are with your approach, the higher the hits are going to come through and that’s a good thing. SEO is not a magic bullet by any sense of the notion, and you are going to end up making moves in the right direction if you understand that. Don’t assume that you are going to get instant gratification when it comes to optimization cycles, it just doesn’t happen.

Content Marketing is NOT SEO

Do not confuse content and publishing for search engine optimization. It is not the same at all. In fact, you could publish a lot of work online and get nothing in terms of indexing or help with search results. The key is to create content that has elements of SEO in it, and not vice versa. The more you focus on the right elements, the higher your overall reach is going to become. The key here is to understand that you are going to have to build on several different components overall, because at the end of the day, your content marketing relies heavily on slow moving optimization that is not necessarily the same as what you’re publishing. This can be a bit confusing, but when you hire a professional, they will build this in a proper manner, giving you leverage overall. is a SEO company offering professional SEO services to webmasters looking to increase traffic to their website.

Algorithms Change Frequently

One of the most important things to keep in mind as you build any sort of collateral within the world of marketing is that algorithms change frequently. In fact, the last major change may be going on as you read this. What does that matter? Well, that means that the work that you are doing right now or having done right now could be erased by search engines at any given moment. When you end up seeing your efforts diminished and you end up seeing a big drop in traffic, you will find yourself dealing with hardships that aren’t so simple to get moving forward with. Focusing on the right pieces of collateral means that you will need to change your approach often and watch out for the fact that search engines are not going to continue to publish the same list of links each time someone searches for keywords in your niche. In fact, the results change so fast, that you have to be on your toes and ready for anything that happens next.

Trial and Error Works Just As Well

One thing that you have to remember is that it takes a lot of trial and error to gain any sort of frequency in terms of traffic. If you want to build the right relationship with your audience, you are going to have to test out a lot of different options. What works for your competition, may not work for you, which is why this matters a great deal. The more you focus on the right elements, the higher the chances are that you will succeed, but then again, what are those “right” elements? That’s where hiring someone helps get over the issues of optimization that may manifest.